Kimberly Chiaris received her BFA in Photography from the Kansas City Art Institute. Her interest lies mainly in personal story telling through hand made processes. She blends historical imagery with contemporary imagery in hopes of creating a visual conversation that transcends time as well as speaks into the future. Her practices often involve digital composites combined with analog and alternative processes that include elements of mixed media. Her focus is mainly on themes about origin and identity and how trace memory, emotions, time and culture shape and shift our understanding of history. She has recently exhibited in FotoFest , SE Center for Photography, PhotoPlace Gallery, L.A. Photo Curator, Art Intersection, The Hand Magazine and Candela Books and Gallery. Recent awards include, Juror Selection in Amanda Smith Gallery-Blue 2-Juror: Melanie Walker ; Honorable Mention in PhotoPlace Gallery-Still Life: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary- Juror: Kate Breakey ; 1st Place in L. A. PhotoCurator-The Tangible Photograph-Juror: Blue Mitchell

She also loves to help people find their voice through the visual art process as well. She has taught workshops at universities, colleges and art centers, photography galleries, her own art studio, and even a recovery center for under age sex trafficked girls.

She has lived in beautiful Colorado for more than 20 years.