Stories put us in touch with our origins, binding us to a collective culture and set a context for understanding ourself and our history. Stories bring identity and add significance to our existence.

I am interested in the shifting fluidity of how our Story is told over time and how memory plays an illusive and emotional role in the telling of it.I have been on a quest to mine the stories that I find from photos, personal belongings as well as oral dialogue I have with my family. I am interested in recreating what I find into new forms of personal and historical interpretation. I layer images as well as incorporate physical relics and objects either inherited or found into my work to create personal as well as universal stories of origin, history, and identity.

Kimberly Chiaris grew up with a love for all things creative and found a voice to express herself through photography. She received a BFA in Photography from the Kansas City Art Institute. She works with many forms of photographic art from analog to digital often using both to create her art. She works with digital imagery using photoshop to begin her process but often incorporates other materials such as encaustic wax, Japanese paper, cotton, silk, silver leaf, embroidery and more in her work. Working with Alternative Processes is especially satisfying to her as well as making books and 3 dimensional work. Exploring ideas around memory, ancestry, family and time are her passion.


She also loves to help people find their voice through the visual art process as well. She has taught workshops at universities, colleges and art centers, photography galleries, her own art studio, and even a recovery center for under age sex trafficked girls.

She has lived in beautiful Colorado for more than 20 years.